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Welcome to ControlChips - Cybernetic Micro Systems' online catalog of special purpose control ICs.

Since 1977, Cybernetic Micro Systems has produced a unique lineup of Application Specific ICs to interface to a variety of peripherals that would be difficult to control from a general purpose computer. These award winning chips provide a high-level interface to the low-level functions of the peripheral, thus allowing designers to more effectively apply themselves to the overall engineering of the product.

[Motor] Step Motor Controllers

[Display] Instrument-size LCD & LED Controllers

  • CY308 LED Character Module Controller
  • CY325 LCD Windows Controller (Toshiba-based LCDs) **Best**
  • CY327 LCD Windows Controller (Hitachi-based LCDs)
  • CYB-308 Prototyping Board for the CY308
  • CYB-003 Prototyping Board for the CY325 (and CY327)
  • Software Com Port software for the CYB-003 Board and CYB-308 Board

[Communications] Communications Controllers

  • CY233 Local Intelligent Network Controller and Parallel/Serial Interface
  • CY232 Parallel/Serial Interface and Network Controller (not for new designs)
  • CYB-233 Prototyping Board for the CY233
  • Software Com Port software for the CYB-233 Board

[Misc I/O] Miscellaneous Controllers

  • P-51 Peripheral 8051 Microcontroller with ISA/PC104 interface (100-pin SQFP)
  • P-51 Support P-51 support hardware and software
  • CyberCom Com Port software talks to any Cybernetic device/board that has an RS232 serial connection. Quickly control a stepper motor, LCD, or LED module from your PC keyboard. Can be configured for Custom communications.
  • CY250 Local System Controller (not for new designs)
  • CY360 Intelligent Waveform Synthesizer (not for new designs)
  • CY480 Universal Dot Matrix Ticket Printer Controller (not for new designs)
  • CY600 Analog/ASCII Data Acquisition Controller (not for new designs)
  • CY750 General Purpose Programmable Controller (not for new designs)

[Other Info] Other Information

[PDF User Manuals] Manuals (PDF Downloads)

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