CYB-003 Kit for LCD & Prototyping Applications

CYB-003 Overview

The CYB-003 is an unusually powerful prototyping board designed to serve several purposes. The primary purpose is to support development of the CY325 LCD Windows Controller, which simplifies the display of messages in windows with sophisticated bargraph, logic waveform, and graphics support. The CY325 allows you to send high-level ASCII commands with decimal, hexadecimal, or binary arguments. Another powerful feature is its ability to accept inputs via either the serial or the parallel channel or both serial and parallel. The secondary purpose of the CYB-003 is to serve as a general purpose instrument development system, with a bias towards 8051 microcomputer based applications. The wirewrap area will support up to three 40-pin ICs or microcontrollers, with the CYB-003 providing serial I/O, power connections, and text and graphics LCD. The CYB-003 also accommodates a CY233 Local Intelligent Network Controller (LINC) which allows up to 255 LCDs or LCD-based instruments, with user feedback from each CYB-003, to be controlled by one PC.


CYB-003-1 kit shown assembled with IC and without options.

Standard Features

  • The CYB-003 board may communicate with the host computer over a standard three-wire or four-wire RS-232 interface, or it may be used in a stand-alone configuration with an on-board parallel or serial host.
  • The Board can operate at standard baud rates between 300 and 19,200 baud.
  • Switches provide board addressing, serial interface routing, and reset.
  • Compact size 65mm x 183mm (2.56" x 7.20") matches format of 64 x 240 pixel LCD. Height: 0.85" max at power connector, with 0.75" board separation to LCD board. Wirewrap area included for customization.
  • Power requirements without LCD:
    • Board voltage: +5V (250 mA max)
    • Optional + and - voltage connections are provided for custom circuits and for use by the LCD. The RS-232 voltages are generated internally.

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Kit Options

  • CYB-003-2: kit provides 2RJ jacks (IN and OUT) for chaining multiple units on a single RS232 line (add CY233 for networking). See drawing above.
  • Display: Standard 240x64 LCD (no backlight). Other LCDs available on request.
  • Inverter: Inverter for LCD EL or CCF backlight. Must be matched to display.
  • Cable-20: 18" 20-wire ribbon cable with female connectors.
  • 4RJ-DB25F: 4-conductor modular cable with DB25 connector.
  • 4RJ-DB9F: 4-conductor modular cable with DB9 connector.
  • 6RJ-cable: 6-conductor modular cable (cable-06).
  • Power-4: Wall-mount power supply with round DIN connector converts 110v to DC:
    +5v@380mA, +12v@180mA, -12v@180mA, and GND.
  • Power-5: Wall-mount power supply with round DIN connector converts 110v to DC:
    +5v@380mA, +15v@180mA, -15v@180mA, and GND.
  • 8051WW: 40-pin wirewrap socket, 11Mhz crystal, Resistor pak, and caps for 8051 socket.
  • CY233: Network controller IC for chaining multiple units on a single RS232 line.
  • LCD DemoChip: AT89C52 pre-programmed with LCD demonstration routines.
  • LCD Paint/Font: Graphic and Font creation software provides a platform for creating and saving files in the format required by the LCD.

Popular Starter Kit

The most common options are included in the starter kit, which can be provided assembled or in kit form:
  • CYB-003-1 basic kit
  • CY325 IC
  • Display
  • 4RJ-DB9F
  • LCD DemoChip
  • Power-4
  • LCD Paint/Font

[User Manual].... User Manual (PDF) 55 pages (6 MB download)