CY308 LED Module Controller

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Standard Features

  • CMOS, 5 volt, 40 pin LSI device
  • ASCII decimal, Hex, and Binary data formats
  • Handles most 1 to 8 char intelligent displays
  • Decoded mode supports 8 modules
  • Encoded mode supports up to 256 modules with only external
    address decoding and CS
  • Directly access display features and registers
  • Write to display sequentially or at specified positions
  • Internal 56 character buffer for scrolling
  • Time of day, elapsed time, and count down timer
  • Serial or Parallel interface with simple handshake
  • User selectable operating modes

CY308 Overview

The CY308 Display Controller is a standard 5 volt, 40 pin CMOS LST device designed to control multiple intelligent LED based display modules. These modules contain ASCII encoded character fonts, with 5 by 7 dot matrix or 17 segment character displays, plus control registers for functions such as blinking and display intensity. Each module can contain from one to eight characters, with four and eight character sizes being the most popular. The CY308 will directly drive eight such modules (up to 64 characters), with no external logic, and it can drive up to 256 such modules with external address decoding and module selection. The CY308 allows you to use these modules as an integrated display, without worrying about addressing each one or having words flow across multiple modules. It provides the ability to write to individual character locations, or to write a string of characters, with automatic display update, blanking, and rewriting, as selectable options. User programmable address selection functions allow the CY308 to control most intelligent display modules available. Also, access to the control registers of the modules allows you to implement special display functions, such as blinking or custom fonts, without additional hardware or software requirements over those needed to operate the basic display functions.

CYB-308 Proto Board

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The CYB-308 prototyping board supports all of the features of the CY308. In its minimum configuration, the CYB-308 will support up to four display modules (32 characters). An additional four display modules may be added in the maximum (64 character) configuration. The board provides both parallel and serial interfaces.

For multi-board systems, a CY233 network chip is fully supported, and provides addressing for up to 255 boards on a single serial network.

The CYB-308 is provided in kit form and measures 188mm x 53mm (7.40" x 2.1"). The board requires +5volts and internally generates RS-232 level signals for the serial interface.

CY308 Electrical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  Ambient Temperature under bias .............. 0°C to +70°C
  Storage Temperature ......................... -65°C to +150°C
  Voltage on any pin with respect to ground ... -0.5V to Vcc+0.5V
  Power dissipation ........................... 0.2 Watts

DC & Operating Characteristics

  (TA = 0°C to +70°C, Vcc = +5V +/-10%)
I CC pwr supply current  20 mA 
V IH input high level 1.9Vcc V (3.5V for XTAL, Restart)
V IL input low level -0.50.9 V  
I LO data bus leakage  10 uA high impedance state
V OH output high level 2.4   V I OH = -60 uA
V OL output low level  0.45 V I OL = 1.6 mA
F CY crystal frequency 3.5 12 MHz see clock circuits

Supported Display Modules

85x7 dot matrixHDSP-211x
45x7 dot matrixPD243x
817 segmentDL1814
417 segmentDL141x
Other DL413x

Note: The CY308 should support any display module with built-in ASCII decoder, multiplexer memory and driver.