P-51 Support Products

P51-MOD (P-51 Adapter Module)

The P-51 Adapter Module converts the surface-mount P-51 QFP into a 104-pin grid array for easier prototyping.

[Adapter Module]

CYB-P51 (ISA Board)

A half length ISA-bus Prototyping Board is available that fits a standard ISA slot and provides a large wirewrap area for custom applications. All the ISA/PC104 signals are available at a wirewrap footprint near the board fingers, for probing and custom wiring. The 8051 signals are brought to a 40 pin pattern (DIP and IDC) in the wirewrap area.

[ISA Board]

CYB-104 (PC/104 Board)

A PC/104 prototyping board implements the P-51 as a peripheral to the PC/104 bus. The 8051 I/O ports are brought to posts near the wirewrap area.

[PC/104 board]

CYS-P51 Software suite

A basic software development package is available that includes Win95/98/NT4 drivers and sample source code in VB5 and C. The drivers include calls to: read and write bytes or arrays of bytes, load a hex record or file into the P-51, enable and read events, and reset or release the P-51. The sample source code utilizes these calls. Drivers may be freely distributed with your application.

Development Tools

[Logo] Keil Software makes C compilers, macro assemblers, real-time kernels, debuggers, simulators, integrated environments, and evaluation boards for the 8051 and other microcontroller families.