CY750 Programmable Controller

Not for New Designs

Standard Features

  • On-chip program storage
  • 24 high-level instructions
  • ASCII or binary commands
  • 8 I/O lines may be set/tested/pulsed
  • 8-bit I/O port plus 8-bit output port
  • Simple handshake interface
  • Program edit capability
  • 16-bit up/down counter register
  • Bit-testing branching
  • Relative and absolute jumps
  • Test-and-skip on flags and I/O lines
  • Background timing
  • Background counting
  • Watchdog timer
  • Easy interface to IEEE-488 or RS-232-C
  • Send commands while excuting

CY750 Overview

The CY750 provides the first truly intelligent general purpose I/O controller. The +5-volt, 40-pin device offers a simple handshake interface for 8-bit parallel loading of either ASCII or binary commands and data, and for binary readout of data and status, A high-level instruction set offers a powerful sequencing and testing mechanism that multiplies the power of any computer. Background timing or counting during program execution allows event monitoring and watchdog timeouts. A unique 'live' command feature allows commands to be issued while stored programs are executing.

CY750 Command Summary

Code    Name & Interpretation

Aa      ALTER           program counter, one byte relative branch
B       BACKGROUND      timer enable, status flag set on overflow
Cc      COUNT           c events in background, status flag set on cth count
Dd      DELAY           d x 100 µsec (0<d<64k)
Ee      EDIT            eth byte in program buffer
Ff      FALSE           branch on I/O line f or condition flag f, skip if 
Gg      GET             byte g to be tested, set all condition flags
H       HEXDATA         select binary mode
I       INITALIZE       software reset
Jj      JUMP            to byte j in program
Ll      LOW PORT        send 8-bit data / to port 1
Nn      NUMBER          n loaded into 16-bit register
Oo      OUTPUT          value 0 to 8-bit port 2
Pp      PULSE I/O       line p or test and reset status flag
Q       QUIT            entering/editing program code
Rr      RESET           line r or condition flag r
Ss      SET I/O         line s or condition flag s
Tt      TRUE            branch on I/O line t or condition flag t
                        skip if true
Vv      VALUE           v set in mask register
Ww      WATCHDOG        timeout enable, load w into 8-bit timer
X       EXECUTE         code in program buffer
+       INCREMENT       16-bit N-register, status flag set if overflow
-       DECREMENT       16-bit N-register, skip if zero
0       STOP            program, return to command mode

CY750 Pinout

  1. WRITE/
  2. XTAL
  3. XTAL
  4. RESET/
  7. GND
  11. CLK/15
  12. DB0
  13. DB1
  14. DB2
  15. DB3
  16. DB4
  17. DB5
  18. DB6
  19. DB7
  20. GND
  21. P2.0
  22. P2.1
  23. P2.2
  24. P2.3
  26. + 5 VOLTS
  27. P1.0/READY
  28. P1.1
  29. P1.2
  30. P1.3
  31. P1.4
  32. P1.5
  33. P1.6
  34. P1.7
  35. P2.4
  36. P2.5
  37. P2.6
  38. P2.7
  40. + 5 VOLTS