CYB-233 For Evaluation and Prototyping

Standard Features

  • Includes a CY233 Parallel/Serial Interface and Network Controller
  • Up to 255 parallel devices may reside on the ring network.
  • Operates from 300 up to 57600 baud.
  • Accepts commands from and responds to your RS-232-C computer or CRT.
  • Easy serial interface with standard DB-25 connector, line drivers and line receivers.
  • Includes address decoding logic for parallel device interface.
  • Includes an 8-bit input buffer (74LS244) and an 8-bit output latch (74LS373) for the parallel application.
  • The parallel side also provides an interface to any CYxxx device.*
  • 40 pin wirewrap patterns for either 8048 or 8051 user application.
  • LEDs indicate the binary data on the data bus and on the address bus.
  • CY233 operating modes are jumper selectable.
  • Wirewrap area for additional parallel interfaces.
  • Eurocard format and VME bus compatible.
  • Compact size 100 mm x 160 mm (approx 4" x 6.3").
  • Requires only +5V at 400 mA max. +10V for RS232 generated on board by MAX233.
  • Power connector can accommodate two more supplies for wirewrap area.
  • Detailed assembly instruction manual included.
  • *Target options may be: CY500, CY512, CY525, CY545, CY550, CY360, CY600, CY750, CY325, CY327, CY308, etc.

CYB-233 Overview

If you have a simple parallel to serial conversion or a more complicated ring networking scheme in mind, the CYB233 Network Prototyping kit will allow you to more quickly implement your design. Based on the CY233 control chip, the kit operates at up to 57600 baud, and includes all parts needed to assemble a working CY233 interface. This includes both the serial and parallel interfaces: the RS-232-C connector, line driver and receiver, and the address decoding logic for the parallel device. A 40-pin pattern has been added to accommodate an optional CYxxx parallel device, and about 30% of the board is designed as a wirewrap area to implement your own design or application circuitry.

CYB-233 Prototyping Kit

[CYB233 Board]

CYB-233 Prototyping Kit shown assembled