CYB-545/550 Kit for Stepper Motor Prototyping Applications

CYB-545 & CYB-550 Overview

The CYB-550 is an unusually versatile prototyping board designed to provide more that just motor control. The primary design supports the CY545 and the CY550 Stepper Motor System Controllers, which are able to control numerous peripherals, including an LED display and external memory, with the CY545 also supporting thumbwheel switches. In a maximum configuration, the CYB-550 will support Motor control signals, jump, loop, and wait program features, serial I/O, power connections, LED display, and up to 32K external program memory. The CYB-550 also accommodates a CY233 Network Controller so that up to 255 CYB-550s can be linked on one serial RS-232 line, allowing up to 255 Motors to be controlled by one PC. By omitting the CY233 40-pin socket, the parallel data bus becomes available so that the CY545 or CY550 may be controlled by a parallel host, such as an 8051.

The CYB-550 is provided in kit form and is a compact 100mm x 160mm(4" x 6.3") format. A 2" x 3.5" wire wrap area is available for custom circuits such as power drivers. The board requires +5 volts and internally generates RS232 level signals for the serial interface. You must add your own external power drivers and pulse-to-phase translators for your motor.

[CYB545 Proto Board]

Kit shown assembled with CY545 and with LED Display and Memory options.

Standard Features

  • The CYB-550 board may communicate with the host computer over a standard 3 or 4 wire RS-232 interface, or it may be used in a stand-alone configuration with an on-board parallel or serial host.
  • The board can operate at standard baud rates between 300 and 19,200 baud.
  • LEDs on 5V power supply, on the 8 user I/O bits, and on Pulse, Direction, Slew, and Stopped outputs.
  • Switches on eight user I/O lines.
  • Jog Switch for CW/CCW single stepping.
  • Compact size 100mm x 160mm (approx. 4" x 6.3") single height Eurocard format. Wirewrap area included for customization.
  • Power requirements: - Board Voltage: +5V (650 mA max) - Optional + and - voltage connections are provided for custom circuits. RS-232 voltages are generated internally.


  • LED Display HDSP-2112 8-character LED Display
  • Memory X2864 Xicor EEPROM
  • CY233 Network Controller Chip
  • Power-4 WM063 Elpac Power Supply
  • 4RJ-DB9F Serial Cable 4-conductor modular cable with DB9 Connector

Dos-based CYS-545 Panel Software and Windows-based CyberCom software are available for controlling the CY545 on the CYB-545 board.

Popular Starter Kit

The most common options are included in the starter kit, which can be provided assembled or in kit form:
  • Basic kit with CY545 IC or CY550 IC
  • Memory
  • 4RJ-DB9F
  • CYS545 software

[User Manual] ....User Manual (PDF) 57 pages (6 MB download) for CYB-550 kit & CYS-545 Panel software