CY545 High Performance Stepper System Controller

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Standard Features

  • Single 40-pin 5v CMOS IC
  • 8 User I/O lines
  • Pulse and Direction Output
  • Simple ASCII-based commands
  • Operate from Host or Stand alone
  • External Memory support
  • 27,000 Steps/second
  • 16-million-step motions
  • Serial or Parallel interface
  • LED interface
  • LCD interface
  • Thumbwheel Switch interface

CY545 Overview

The new CY545 is a fourth generation stepper motor controller, based on Cybernetic Micro Systems' 10 years of experience designing single chip motor controllers. The 40-pin, CMOS, +5 volt device combines high performance with low cost. It is capable of generating step rates of up to 27,000 steps per second, using pulse and direction signals, which provide adaptability to full-step, half-step, quad-step, or microstep applications. The chip's internal step register can count up to 16 million steps per motion, or the device can be set to step forever until an abort signal is received. The device is commanded in ASCII or Binary formats, using Serial or Parallel interfaces, from a host CPU or from local external memory. Eight general purpose I/O lines can be addressed by command to control external events and can be read to trigger waits, loops, program branches, and stepping motions.

The chip supports programmable start rate, accel/decel, and slew rate, and absolute or relative position control. These and other parameters may be sent as commands from the host CPU, or may be entered manually from thumbwheel switches, which are directly supported by the CY545.

Internal or external direction control and separate limit switch signals are available to the application. The CY545 also has a Jog line for manual stepping and direction control. A Home command directs the motor to step to a home-sensor, automatically compensating for mechanical backlash, and a motor-moving signal provides a motor power driver with an automatic power-down or parking signal when the motor is stopped.

The CY545 also provides control lines for sending internal register status values, prompts, and messages to an LCD Display or to an HP 8-character LED Display, as well as to the standard serial or parallel interfaces. Support signals are also provided for writing and reading local external memory, which can be RAM, PROM, or EEPROM based.

Basic Features

  • Single 40 pin, 5 volt CMOS IC.
  • Simple ASCII letter based commands and parameters.
  • Simple application for basic step motor functions.
  • Operation with a host computer or standalone.
  • Built-in LED or LCD Display interfaces.

[Features & Functions]

General Command Functions and Special Features

  • Parallel command interface with two line handshake, compatible with CY233 network communications controller.
  • Serial command interface with fixed or adaptive baud rate selection.
  • Support for up to 64K of optional external command memory implemented as RAM, ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM.
  • Support for optional thumbwheel swithces.
  • Selectable display for output messages from standard serial, standard parallel, or CY233 interfaces, plus special support for parallel HP HDSP-211x LED display, or a CY325-based serial LCD display.
  • User controlled, multi-purpose I/O lines for:
    • set and clear bits.
    • test bit and branch.
    • wait for bit value.
    • automatic home seek.

[Step Motor Curves]

Motion Control Functions

  • Programmable step rates from 20 steps/second to over 27,000 steps/second provide an extremely large dynamic range.
  • Linear acceleration for optimal performance.
  • Partial accelerations conplete short moves in the least time.
  • Separate parameters for starting rate, final rate, and acceleration values allow totally programmable motions.
  • Relative moves of +/- 16 mega-steps from current position. Absolute moves within a 16 mega-step range.
  • Continuous moves, with no specific number of steps, allow acceleration from the starting rate to final rate, followed by an indefinite run length.
  • All motions update internal step position.

Motor Support Signals

  • Step Pulse and Direction signals work with standard power driver modules.
  • Internal or external direction control.
  • Forced ramp down and abort signal for emergency or externally controlled end of motion.
  • Separate CW and CCW limit signals inhibit stepping beyond one limit, but allow stepping in opposite direction.
  • Moving/NotMoving signal for use as MotionComplete or to switch stepper power driver between high and park power.
  • Externally operated jog mode, with direction control and start/stop control from one signal, all at programmable, manually controllable step rates between 1 and 1K steps/second.
  • Automatic home sensor seek, with backlash compensation.

Command Summary

Command List Details

  AtPosition        Loop              YMemPointer
  BitSet            NumberSteps       ZillionLoop
  ContinuousStep    OperationalMode   +CW
  Delay             Position          -CCW
  EnterProgram      QuitProgram       /Negate
  FirstRate         Rate              ?Query
  Go                Slope             0(zero)StopProgramExecution
  HomeSeek          TilBit            [HP-LEDsupport]
  Initialize        WaitBit           "Text"
  Jump              XecuteProgram     

CY545B Electrical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  Ambient Temperature under bias .............. 0°C to +70°C
  Storage Temperature ......................... -65°C to +150°C
  Voltage on any pin with respect to ground ... -0.5V to Vcc+0.5V
  Power dissipation ........................... 0.3 Watts

DC & Operating Characteristics

  (TA = 0°C to +70°C, Vcc = +5V +/-10%)
I CC pwr supply current  26 mA 
V IH input high level 1.9Vcc V (3.5V for XTAL, Reset)
V IL input low level -0.50.9 V  
I LO data bus leakage  10 uA high impedance state
V OH output high level 2.4   V I OH = -60 uA
V OL output low level  0.45 V I OL = 1.6 mA
F CY crystal frequency 3.5 16 MHz see clock circuits

CYB-545 Prototyping Board

[CYB545 Proto Board] Zoom In

The versatile CYB-545 board supports most of the features of the CY545. In its minimum configuration, the CYB-545 will support motor control signals, limit switch detection, home seek sensor, jog, and power down signal. It also provides programming features such as jump, loop, and wait, with eight user-definable I/O lines. The board provides both parallel and serial interfaces. Partial circuitry is provided for a minimal thumbwheel switch interface, which may be more fully implemented in the wirewrap area.

In the maximum configuration the board supports an 8-character LED display and up to 32K external memory. For multi-board or multi-axis control, a CY233 network chip is fully supported, and provides addressing for up to 255 boards on a single serial network.

The CYB-545 is provided in kit form and is a compact 100mm x 160mm (4" x 6.3") format. A 2" x 3.5" wirewrap area is available for custom circuits such as thumbwheel switches and power drivers. The board requires +5 volts and internally generates RS232-level signals for the serial interface. You must add your own external power drivers and pulse-to-phase translators for your motor.

CyberCom and CYS-545 Panel Software are available for the Stepper Control board.