CY327 LCD Windows Controller

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Standard Features

  • Supports Hitachi HD61830-based monochrome LCDs
  • Command mode and display mode
  • UP to 16 rows x 42 characters
  • Up to 128 x 256 pixel graphics
  • 5 x 7 built-in character font
  • Parallel input with simple interface
  • Serial input channel
  • CMOS 5 volt 40 pin device
  • ASCII decimal, Hex, Binary data
  • 6 pins drive logic waveforms
  • Up to 6 soft keys
  • 4 x 4 key scan of soft keys
  • Any number of User defined windows
  • Erase text or graphics in current window
  • Automatic cursor management in windows
  • Wrap or scroll text in windows
  • Vertical or horizontal scroll in windows
  • Bargraphs automatically size to windows
  • Pixel plotting is global or window relative
  • Mode registers allow hundreds of modes
  • Network CY327s with CY233 Network chip

CY327 Overview

The CY327 LCD Windows controller is a standard 5 volt, 40 pin CMOS LSI device designed to provide high level control of instrument-size LCDs (based on the Hitachi HD61830 controller) having up to 16x42 characters and 128x256 pixel graphics. The CY327 allows simple parallel 8 bit or serial (RS232 protocol) interface to any standard computer. Up to 256 built-in windows or any number of user defined windows support window-relative text, plotting, bargraphs, waveforms, etc. Both text and graphics can be written into the current window, or text can be written to one window and graphics to another. Switching between windows is fast and simple. The CY327 interprets characters in command mode and displays them in display mode.

CY327 Command Summary

All CY327 commands are listed below. While many are self-explanatory, the interpretation of some of them is dependent upon the operating mode. A complete description of them is beyond the scope of this data sheet; however, a detailed user manual (100 pages) is available from Cybernetic Micro Systems.

    Command           Function

    ^C                Command mode select
    ^D                Display mode select
    ^K                Klear current window
    ^M                same as carriage return
    ^N                Shift out, select special font
    ^O                Shift in, normal character
    ^W                Window swap command
    B x1,y1,x2,y2     Box command defines pixel-sized window
    C x,y             Cursor positioning command
    D xByte,yPixel    Dimension display
    G g,data          Graphics download of count and pixel data
    H h,yData         Histograph generation count and height
    I i               Initialize options
    K k               Key # acknowledgment or control
    M m,val           Mode command sets mode byte to value
    P x,y             Plot a pixel on LCD
    S s               Send single byte through CY327
    V v               Viewport selected as current window
    W x1,y1,x2,y2     Window defines character sized window
    Z                 HoriZontal Times Square scroll mode

    /                 Negate command prefix
    +                 Save window status
    -                 Restore window status
    ? Register        Query LCD status register
    @ Cnt,Data        transmit string of data through CY327
    [ Cnt,y1,...,yn   Plot pixel bytes in window
    *                 Prefix to plot lower half of 128 pixel display

CY327 Prototyping Support

[Proto Board]... Zoom In

A Prototyping kit for the CY327 is available from Cybernetic Micro Systems. The CYB-003 will support one CY327 and one CY233 Local Network Controller. It also provides an 8051 socket and wirewrap area along with all connectors and relevant hardware. The board format is identical to the Densitron LM83 LCD Display.

CY327 Electrical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  Ambient Temperature under bias .............. 0°C to +70°C
  Storage Temperature ......................... -65°C to +150°C
  Voltage on any pin with respect to ground ... -0.5V to Vcc+0.5V
  Power dissipation ........................... 0.3 Watts

DC & Operating Characteristics

  (TA = 0°C to +70°C, Vcc = +5V +/-10%)
I CC pwr supply current  30 mA 
V IH input high level 1.9Vcc V (3.5V for XTAL, Reset)
V IL input low level -0.50.9 V  
I LO data bus leakage  10 uA high impedance state
V OH output high level 3.0   V I OH = -60 uA
V OL output low level  0.45 V I OL = 1.6 mA
F CY crystal frequency 3.5 12 MHz see clock circuits

CY327 vs. CY325

The CY327 is identical in operation to the CY325, with the following exceptions:

    The CY327 supports Hitachi HD61830 based displays The Dimension command adapts the CY327 to various sized displays. Graphics and text share the same display "plane" in the CY327 The CY327 has no custom font definition (F command) and there is no large character mode (L command).