CY525 Intelligent Ramping Stepper Motor Controller

Not for New Designs*

Standard Features

  • Programmable via ASCII Keyboard
  • ASCII-Decimal or Binary communication
  • Single 5 volt power supply
  • 27 hi-level language commands
  • Stored Program capability (60 bytes)
  • Linear Acceleration, definable
  • Change Rates while stepping
  • Read Position on-the-fly
  • 10,000 steps per second (11 MHz xtal)
  • Absolute/Relative position modes
  • Define starting rate and Slew rate
  • Ramp-up/Slew/Ramp-down
  • Hardware or software Start/Stop
  • Software Direction control
  • Two Interrupt request outputs
  • Programmable Output line
  • Programmable Delay
  • Verify Register/Buffer contents
  • Several sync inputs and outputs
  • Abort capability
  • Step Inhibit operations
  • Ability to turn off phases
  • Slewing indication output
  • "Dowhile" and "Wait Until" commands
  • "Jump to" command
  • Loop command with repetition count
  • Allows Address Labels for Loop and Jump commands
  • Unlimited number of steps in Continuous mode

CY525 Overview

The CY525 intelligent ramping stepper motor controller is a standard 5 volt, 40 pin LSI device configured to control any four-phase stepper motor. The CY525 will interface to any computer using parallel TTL input and provides numerous TTL inputs and outputs for auxiliary control and interfacing. The CY525 allows sequences of hi-level type commands to be stored internally in a program buffer and be executed upon command. The TTL outputs sequence the stepper drive circuits that consist of standard power transistors or transistor arrays. The CY525 features the ability to change the stepping rate while the motor is stepping and to take an unlimited number of steps in continuous run mode.

The CY525 is a third generation Stepper Motor Controller that provides a plug-in replacement for the CY512 with increased performance and several new features:

  • CY525 Can Be Prototyped using ASCII Keyboard
  • CY525 Interface and Control Signals
  • Simple I/O interface to any 8-bit I/O port
  • CY525 Allows "On-the-Fly" Operation

The CY525 in continuous step mode allows new rates to be specified by simply placing the new rate parameter on the data bus and pulling the I/O Request low.

CY525 Command Summary

  A a     Absolute location specified
  B       Bitset programmable line high 
  C       Clearbit programmable line low
  D d     Delay milliseconds
  E       Enter program code
  F f     Firstrate, beginning step rate

  G       Go, step relative
  H       Haltmode, for continuos run
  I       Initialize
  J j     Jump to address
  L c,a   Loop to addr for count

  N n     Number of steps
  O o     Offset stepper drive signals
  P p     Position for stepping
  Q       quit entering program code
  R r     Rate, maximum step rate
  S s     Slope of accel/decel

  T t     Til pin 28 low, branch to addr
  U       Until pin 38 low, wait here
  V v     Verify internal register values
  W       Wait for pin 38 to go high
  X       eXecute stored program
  Z z     Slope divisor for slower accel

  +       CW direction
  -       CCW direction
  0       Resume Command mode
  n $     Label designator for jump/loop

CY525 Pinout

  1. I-O Request/
  2. Xtal1
  3. Xtal2
  4. Reset/
  5. Unused
  6. Abort/
  7. Gnd
  8. Instrobe
  9. Unused
  10. Outstrobe/
  11. Clock/ 15
  12. DB0
  13. DB1
  14. DB2
  15. DB3
  16. DB4
  17. DB5
  18. DB6
  19. DB7
  20. Vss
  21. Motor Phase 1
  22. Motor Phase 2
  23. Motor Phase 3
  24. Motor Phase 4
  25. Unused
  26. + 5v
  27. Busy/-Ready
  28. Dowhile
  29. Slew/
  30. Step Inhibit
  31. Prog/-Live/
  32. Run/ (Int Req 2)
  33. Direction
  34. Program Output
  35. Pulse/
  36. ASCII-Binary/
  37. Motion Complete/
  38. Wait (Program)
  39. I/-O Select
  40. Vcc (+5v)

*The CY525 is not recommended for new designs. This is older technology that will ultimately be phased out. The CY545 High Performance Stepper System Controller is a popular choice for new designs as the IC boasts many more features. Note: the CY525 and the CY545 are not pin compatible.