RoHS Conversion

From January 2014 onward, many Cybernetic Micro System components began converting to RoHS only. Where RoHS parts are available, the non-RoHS components will be discontinued. Non-RoHS parts will be available until stock is depleted.

RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) conversion affects the internal manufacturing and assembly processes, but not the core functionality, performance, or pin configuration of the part. The replacement RoHS components are drop-in compatible with the original non-RoHS components.

The RoHS components are less tolerant of systems that are out of spec, particularly in the operating voltage ranges. The operating voltage of the 5V RoHS parts is +4V to +5.5V DC. The RoHS parts support industrial operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, whereas the older parts are in the more restrictive commercial range. All RoHS components operate on expanded clock rates from 0Hz to 24MHz and should work with existing clock circuits in your current assemblies. See each user manual for recommended clock rates.

RoHS parts require higher soldering temperatures above 227°C.
Max reflow is 245°C.

Convertible components include:

Old Part RoHS Version
CY233 CY233-R
CY233-2 CY233-R
CY233/J CY233/JR
CY308 CY308-R
CY325B CY325B-R
CY325B-1 CY325B-R
CY325B-2 CY325B-R
CY325B-4 CY325B-R
CY325B/J CY325B/JR
CY527/J CY527/JR
CY545B CY545B-R
CY545B-1 CY545B-R
CY545B-2 CY545B-R
CY545B/J CY545B/JR
CY550 CY550-R
CY550/J CY550/JR